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I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about our stockings.  We are a small family business of three people and not only do we sell online, but we also buy online too (especially at Christmas when we are busy!), so we know what we want as a customer as well how we want to sell items too.

We have been selling pre-filled Christmas stockings for 9 years and we still fill each and every stocking ourselves and do it with the same care and attention as we would if we were going to send it to a member of our own family – this means that we are able to maintain such a high standard of quality and presentation.  Also, we can adjust the order to what you want, would you rather have everything pink or have only dinosaurs or have only red stockings to match your decor – we can do that.  We can also write the names and a message on the tags if you want us to send them straight to the recipient!

We change the contents of each stocking every year as well as adding new ones too.  This year we have over 169 different stockings to choose from and every single gift in each stocking has been selected carefully so it will fit with the age range, category or theme.  We spend all year tracking down hundreds of gifts and then spend weeks doing dry runs making sure that everything fits into the stockings without them looking baggy or splitting the seams.  Every stocking is created knowing that it will be opened on Christmas day and we want it to be a magical experience – we would never want someone to be disappointed with their gift – and it is this thought that keeps us on our toes!

SantasElves.co.uk Christmas Stocking

£10 Distraction Pre-Filled Christmas Stocking from SantasElves.co.uk

A few years ago we decided to take photographs of every stocking as they look when filled.  We wanted to show our customers what you are going to get and how it will look when it arrives.  We don’t ‘dress’ our stockings with everything poking out the top and nothing in the bottom, nor do we pad it out with tissue paper – what you see is what you get and we wanted the photos on the website to reflect what you will see when you open up the box!  Each stocking has its own page where there is a large photo of all the gifts laid out as well as a detailed description and the dimensions of the stocking as well as the weight.  As the smaller stockings are unusual, to give you an idea of the size we include them alongside the contents in the photos, so you can gauge the size of the stocking compared to the size of the pencil/ruler/sweets/glider etc  – we take the photo of the items all together and don’t use photoshop trickery to change the sizes of each item (we aren’t that clever!!) so once again, what you see is what you get.

We are all about making your life easier so you can spend your time doing fun stuff rather than struggling around the shops trying to find each individual item to go in the stocking.  With all of our experience, contacts and buying abilities, we are able to create a great Christmas stocking that is good value, high quality and well packed – if you tried to find and buy all the gifts as well as the stocking, you would end up paying much more and probably wouldn’t be able to find all the items in the High Street!

I hope that this explains what we are about, if you want to know more about us, then send us an email or a tweet!

P.S  Did you know that one of the secrets of how Santa’s reindeer fly is Brussels sprouts?


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Stocking Fillers

Ideas for Christmas stockings from SantasElves.co.uk

At www.SantasElves.co.uk, we have lots of experience in filling Christmas stockings and always coming up with new ideas for gifts.  Here is our list of 201 different gifts for all the family and we hope that there is some inspiration!

  1. Modelling Clay
  2. Paint Box – either a small travel case for budding artists or a traditional tin cased set
  3. Set of Paint Brushes
  4. Tin of Colouring Pencils – there is nothing nicer than ‘special pencils’
  5. Stencil Kits – these can be spirograph or alphabet stencils
  6. 3D Puzzle Kits
  7. Animal or dinosaur models – these can be traditional plastic or stretchy models
  8. Colouring Book
  9. Puzzle Books
  10. Marbles
  11. Jigsaw Puzzle
  12. Wooden Blocks – these are great for toddlers and fill out a stocking beautifully
  13. Trains  – either a part of a train set or a model
  14. Model Cars
  15. Finger Puppets
  16. Bird Call Whistles
  17. Pavement Chalks
  18. Gliders www.partytoo.com has lots of them, planes, butterflies, dinosaurs and fairies
  19. Model Plane
  20. Ant farm or an insect viewing kit
  21. Crystal making kit which can be coloured with food dye
  22. Fossils for Dinosaur lovers
  23. Magnifying Glass
  24. Small box of different semi-precious stones
  25. Whoopee cushions
  26. Rocket balloons
  27. Rattle for Baby
  28. Board Books
  29. Baby Towel with hood
  30. Growth Chart for small children
  31. Silly Putty – also great for cleaning your keyboard
  32. Yo Yo – perfect for Dad to show you his tricks
  33. Boggle Game – a traditional game for all the family
  34. Stickers – all sorts available, hologram, scented, puffy stickers
  35. Glow in the Dark Stars
  36. Mikado
  37. Dominoes
  38. Skipping Rope
  39. Doll
  40. Doll Accessories
  41. Whistle
  42. Play Dough
  43. Bouncing Ball
  44. Juggling Balls
  45. Wooden Block  Game
  46. Soft Toy – Teddy bears are always great!
  47. Wooden Puppet
  48. Finger Monsters – everyone loves a finger monster!
  49. Origami Paper and Instructions
  50.  Fountain Pen – great for all ages
  51. Selection of different coloured Inks – Diamine have brilliant samples
  52. Calligraphy Set
  53. Good Quality Notepad – for special notes
  54. Tape Measure – either for home or a small version to go into a bag
  55. Nail Polish
  56. Nail Files and Buffers
  57. Hand Cream – a little more expensive than her usual kind is a real treat
  58. Cuticle Cream – again, a little more expensive is a real luxury
  59. Scented Candles
  60. Candle Holder – how about a twinkly Christmas holder
  61. Night Lights
  62. Night Light Holder
  63. Glow in the dark night light for the little ones
  64. Candle Snuffer
  65. Perfume/ Perfume Samples –these can be found at the beauty counters
  66. Fake Eyelashes
  67. Flannel and Towel with their name on it
  68. Fancy Toothbrush – these can have multi-coloured bristles or decorated with a cartoon
  69. Special Edition Toiletries – these can match the perfumes for the grown ups or be cartoon special editions
  70. Lip Balms – get a range of different flavours and tints
  71. Bath Bombs (great to go in the toe of the stocking)
  72. Make Up Set
  73. Tooth Brush Protectors – especially for travellers
  74. iPhone Case
  75. Mini Speakers for iPod
  76. Earphone Cord Wrapper – so useful
  77. Novelty Earphones
  78. iTunes/Amazon Gift Card
  79. Buy them their own domain name
  80. Sewing Kit
  81. Funky Bath Sponge
  82. CD/DVDs
  83. USB Storage Stick
  84. Fold Up Able Bags – Great for travelling or for just going down to the shops
  85. Beads to make a bracelet
  86. Bangles
  87. Necklace
  88. Pendant
  89. Christmas Brooch – Pin this on the front of the stocking
  90. Charms to go on a bracelet – Pandora charms are very popular as well as the conventional silver charms
  91. Watch – Great for all ages
  92. Playing Cards – Regular cards for the grown ups or card games for the children
  93. Photo Frame
  94. Books – these can be funny facts books, quizzes or the classics
  95. Handbag Mirror
  96. Lipstick Case
  97. Jewellery Box – put a little something inside the box as an extra surprise
  98. Brush or Comb with their name painted on it
  99. Golf Tees – also can be personalised
  100. Whittling Kit
  101. Set of Erasable Pens
  102. Retro Gadgets such as Magnetic Sculptures
  103. Sudoku or Crossword Books
  104. Tools for Gardeners – trowels, mini forks
  105. Dibber
  106. Seed labels and other notions – twine, cane protectors
  107. Packets of Seeds – could even be seeds from your garden
  108. Bulbs – Tulips, Daffodils
  109. Screwdrivers
  110. Glasses Repair Kit
  111. Sunglasses Case – great for grown ups
  112. Spectacles Cloth – can clean glasses and your screen on the phone
  113. Make Up Bag – you can put lip balms and perfumes inside of here as a treat
  114. Personalised Stationery, pencils etc with a name or a message on them
  115. Pencil Case with their name on it.
  116. Mini Silk Purse – don’t forget to add a shiny penny for luck
  117. Christmas Hair Accessories
  118. Tube of Hair Elastics
  119. Hair Slides and Grips
  120. Nail Stickers
  121. Mug with a photo printed on it
  122. Bag with a photo printed onto it
  123. Concert tickets
  124. Guitar Picks – or you can get a pick maker
  125. Wallet
  126. Shaving items in case they are attempting to keep their mo from Movember
  127. Key Chains and Key Fobs
  128. Craft kit – knitting, crochet, cross stitch
  129. Crochet Hook Set
  130. Knitting Needle Set
  131. Notions for Knitting – cable needles, small stitch markers
  132. Fabric scissors
  133. Set of different sized sewing needles
  134. Pin cushion with pretty topped pins
  135. Rubber Stamps – get a personalised ‘…Made This’ Rubber Stamp
  136. A Block of Scrapbooking Paper
  137. Scrapbooking Accessories and Notions
  138. Marker pens like ProMarkers or Copic
  139. Pretty Ribbons and Buttons
  140. Sequins
  141. Storage boxes for small items
  142. A long ruler with a metal side for cutting with a craft knife
  143. Fishing hooks
  144. Fishing Lure
  145. Pen Knife
  146. Whistling Key Ring
  147. Aftershave
  148. Gadgets for Cooks
  149. Sprinkles Topping for Cupcakes
  150. Cupcake Cases
  151. Piping Bag and Different Nozzle
  152. Kitchen Timer
  153. Wine Bottle Stopper
  154. A set of unusual spices for cooks
  155. Cookery Books
  156. Measuring Cups
  157. Measuring Spoons
  158. Silicon Bake Wear
  159. Gadget to make tins and jars easier open (great for senior citizens)
  160. Sugru
  161. Cartoon Plasters
  162. Pack of Tissues with characters on them
  163. Handkerchiefs for Grandma
  164. Christmassy Pj’s!
  165. Hat
  166. Gloves – either fingerless or with fingers
  167. Socks – Christmas ones of course!!
  168. Scarf – can either be a silky one of a woollen scarf
  169. Hand warmers for people who watch sports outside
  170. Make up a student emergency pack with pot noodles and cuppa soups
  171. Create a brownie or cookie mix in a jar (check out Pintrest for ideas)
  172. Selection of flavoured teas
  173. Tea Ball
  174. Selection of different toffees
  175. Sugar stirrers for coffee
  176. Giant chocolate bar or luxury chocolates
  177. Selection of toffees
  178. Unusual sweets
  179. Gross sweets for boys containing insects
  180. Small tin containing mints
  181. Mini torch to go in a bag
  182. Head torch (a favourite in our house)
  183. Tube of sweets or savoury snacks – Twiglets or Cheddars
  184. Kindle or iPad cover/case and other gadgets
  185. Magic Trick to perform after lunch
  186. Christmas decoration with the year on it
  187. Calendar for 2013
  188. Diary
  189. Book Mark
  190. Book Plates
  191. Selection of birthday cards to be sent throughout the year
  192. Pretty Stationery Set
  193. Photo album/Scrapbook with photos of the children/pet/family throughout the year or a special occasion such as a wedding or a party
  194. Animal adoption certificate
  195. Bath toys
  196. Bath Crayons/Putty
  197. Rubber Duck
  198. Apple – for the toe
  199. Orange – for the toe
  200. Nuts – for the toe
  201. Chocolate Orange – for the toe

Lots of the individual stocking filler items can be found at www.partytoo.com and if you would rather purchase an already filled Christmas stocking you can do so at www.SantasElves.co.uk

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Father Christmas is a very busy man and sometimes needs a little help putting together Christmas stockings, which is what we do here at SantasElves.co.uk  Here is our guide to the art of Stocking filling so that there is the least amounts of air pockets and loads of lovely lumpy bits!


SantasElves.co.uk Pre-Filled Christmas Stocking


Choosing your stocking
First of all, choose your stocking.  Our last blog post covered how to make a Christmas stocking and you don’t need to be an experienced seamstress to make a wonderful and long lasting stocking.  However you could have a well-loved stocking that has been made by a member of the family or bought previously.  If you are buying a stocking, bear in mind the fabric that it is made out of.  A knitted stocking can produce a lovely knobbly effect, but if it is patterned and not lined, the strands of yarn inside can catch the gifts and cause frustration for everyone.
You don’t need to buy an expensive stocking, a pair of (clean!) opaque tights or hold ups are fun and look great propped up against the fireplace.

Before you get started, get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit or two and now you are ready.

The toe
This is the place for rounded things, think oranges, shiny red apples, nuts, chocolate coins and sweets.   For grown-ups, how about adding a bottle of nail varnish, lip balm or make up for the ladies; while for the men, you can add items like a mini torch, whistling key ring and USB sticks.

The rest of the foot and heel
If you have large, bulky items, then this is the place for them to go.  As it is at the end of the stocking, it is also the best place to put more expensive gifts to draw out the anticipation when the stocking is opened.  If it is breakable, make sure that it is wrapped up securely.  You could also use other items to protect fragile items such as socks and gloves.

The body
As this is the most structured part of the structure it is quite tricky to fill.  You may need to jiggle about the contents to make sure that it is the best fit and avoid the dreaded and disappointing air pockets.  This area is great for scarves, socks, and things in tall slim boxes like paint boxes, boxes of crayons and notepads, iphone cases as well as anything that is on a cardboard backing.

The top
Here you can put the things that wouldn’t fit comfortably in the body of the stocking and gifts that are too wide, but can be just about wedged into the top – think thick books, teddy bears and jewellery boxes!

You aren’t finished yet, don’t forget that you can decorate the outside of the stocking.  Pin on a brooch, attach a necklace or even a Christmas decoration, vintage enamel badges and key rings to the stocking.  Finally top off the stocking with a greetings tag, so they know who the stocking is for.

Of course, if you don’t have the time for this, you can always leave it to the experts and choose one of our many pre-filled Christmas stockings for all the family at www.santaselves.co.uk

Coming next – what to put into your Christmas stockings….

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This year we have decided that any stocking over £50 in our 2012 range will be handmade by us and here is an exclusive peek of one from the £75 Men’s Contemporary range.  The main reason for this change is that we couldn’t find a stocking that would fit all of the gifts that we wanted to include.  So rather use a small stocking with smaller items, we designed our own.

The stocking body itself is made out of 100% cotton.  The stocking shown has a pattern of penguins and Christmas trees, but there are lots of other designs available.  There is a jester style cuff complete with a cluster of bells at the corner which can be taken off and hung on the Christmas tree.

We make the stockings here in house (literally) by the Head Elf, so we have total control over the quality.  The stockings are padded which adds to a sense of luxury and will last for many years to come.

There’s more!!  We are able to personalise the stockings for an additional £10, with our fancy new machine we can cut our names and iron them onto the stocking.

These will be on the site by the beginning of September, have a great weekend.

Love, Holly x

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Did you know that Santa’s Elves take a break from the North Pole and travel down to Hampshire? After the excitement of Christmas Eve and once we’ve had a nap and tidied up, it feel a little deflated so we come down here to lend our Christmas stocking expertise to Party Too. In fact, Santa’s Elves, party too!

This year there have been some adjustments, I’m Holly and you’ll probably hear a lot from me as I’ll be blogging, twittering and facebooking all of the news, but that’s not all!  We needed new stockings, so after looking everywhere we found some brilliant stockings that are in my favourite colour, red!  They are decorated with reindeer, snowmen and of course Father Christmas as well as lots of snowflakes. We have also added some of our own elf hats into the mix, so as well as filled Santa hats, there are filled elf hats too!

£15 Pre-Filled Elf Hat and BagAren’t they fun!  Of course there are elf hats for different ages, then there are Santa hats (don’t tell him!) for the older kids and then there are bags for the grown ups, which are also decorated with reindeer, snowmen and Santa applique.  Each one is £15 and will appear on the website in the beginning of September.

That’s all for now!


Holly x

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The elves have been neglecting the blog for the last couple of years, we start off with good intentions, then things get busy and the next thing we know it’s January and we are off searching for new products!

So this year we are going to try and be a little more prepared  – we hope!

Everyone is tightening their belts and many shops and suppliers are increasing their prices – the Head Elf nearly keeled over when she found out that the delivery costs were going to be over £10 for 24 hour delivery, “oh”, said the helpful sales lady – “don’t forget there will also be an extra petrol charge too”!  Eeek, we really need to find some reindeer to help us out!

The adverts on the TV are starting now, the ones with the super expensive toy (that may or may not work) which could well be discarded for something more interesting.  In 5, 10, 20 years will they remember the toy – or would it be the memory of making decorations with Mum, or helping Grandma make the cake, or the time that Dad went to a Carol Service and boomed out the carols loudly while little sis ran up and down the aisles?

So while we are about providing the perfect Christmas present in the form of our pre-filled Christmas stockings, we also want to give you some ideas about things that can be made with very little outlay to create some Christmas memories that will last longer than any gift!

We are continuing to have lots of offers throughout the Christmas period, such as free decorations, a competition for an advent calendar filled with our pocket money toys, money off and free Christmas stockings, so sign up to our newsletter or follow our Twitter feed for more details.

This weekend the elves are going to be decorating Christmas cupcakes – watch this space!

More soon from the Santa’s Elves, I promise!

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The air is starting to turn crisp and the shops are starting to bring out their Christmas products, even though we are in the Christmas biz, it is so exciting to see what other people are selling – not to mention mince pies!

We have had several customers ask us about contents for advent calendars and so we have put together a selection of small items that will hopefully fit into your advent calendar.  These can be found in our advent calendar section, as well as items such as small packs of cards, nail art, mini sticky splatters etc,  we have also included some of our retro sweets too – there is something for every palette with chews (black jacks, fruit salads, refreshers, drumsticks), lollies (double lolly, traditional fruit, traffic light), bubble gum (bubble gum balls and Anglo Bubbly), gobstoppers (in regular and huge sizes), gummy bears and jelly spiders, fizz whizz (space dust) and candy lipsticks, whistles and necklaces!


£25 Retro Sweet Christmas Stocking


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